Newroz in akre

Newroz in the beautiful akre.

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Turkey is killing trees

I just knew that in the few last days the turkish army had plucked out over a 1500 olive trees in the eastern part of kurdistan(syrian kurdistan) from many sources including local friends and news agencies.

That wasn’t much a suprise for an inviding army working under the authority of the racist dictator ordoghan.

The imagine how hard people worked in taking care of that trees and waiting it to grow.

That is a war crime against our home EARTH..turkey has gone beyond limits in there crimes but no one is caring.why?…just because they are powerful!!…

Someone has to do something about it.

I am really sad about those trees and as an environmental activist i will informe my organization’s managers about it and i hope they will stand up for those trees.


Photos: NRT news agency.

When it rains

Yesterday it rained for the first time this winter..when it rains it washes my soul…it remind us that after all beauty will come back.

That rain washed the grave of our brave fighters who gave there life for protecting there home.

It washed the tears on face of the hearbroken lovers.

That rain washed the dirt from our fighters in the deserts.

That rain gave us hope.

From the lovely kurdistan ­čÖé 

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