A story of bravery in kirkuk

In the early morning of 23/10/2016 ISIS lunched attacks on the govermental buldings in kirkuk city,kurdistan.

they went into kirkuk in a mysterious way..and peshmarga forces fought them ,eliminated them and re-secured kirkuk in less than three days.

In one of the hotels that was captured by ISIS, snipers attacked civillians and police forces.there was many injures and the police couldn’t  pull them out because of the heavy fire from the hotel.

Then,from nowhere ako appeared,he is one of many young peshmargas that he was out of duty that day,he has an 1990 (750) armored bmw, and without thinking about puting his life in danger he rescued tens of injured police and civilians under heavy fire.

He saved many lifes,we owe him.

Photos of ako’s car after that day:



I remember

I remember,that day we were walking to school…suddenly it started raining heavily and the temperature dropped and we felt cold.
Suddenly a kind old man parked on the side of the road and gave us a ride to my school.
That happened several times in the years of my childhood.
Thank you kind people­čśŐwe love you and we respect your true kindness and pure heart.

Muhadam idrees-my memories

Hypocrite world

where we’re USA and the first world country’s when saddam hussain genocided kurds and killed 180000 people of them?..they even didn’t bother themselves..because they had benifits with saddam hussain.

They did not care about humans rights or that things,they liked iraqi goverments oil policies.but now they became an angel and they suddenly care about human rights!…as i said:

The first world countrys are playing with lifes of third world countrys people in there own benifit,there is no such a thing like human rights.


Peshmargas(kurd national army) are defending the whole world against ISIS..but there salary is $400 dollars and they get it once in two or three months and that money isn’t enough to pay there rents and buy food for there family!!….where is justice in this cruel life?!….long live kurds