Peshmargas(kurd national army) are defending the whole world against ISIS..but there salary is $400 dollars and they get it once in two or three months and that money isn’t enough to pay there rents and buy food for there family!!….where is justice in this cruel life?!….long live kurds


2 thoughts on “Peshmarga

  1. I was with the Pesh last fall and I seen it first hand. The men in the cold flooded trenches on the front with no boots or coats and maybe half a magazine of unreliable rounds in a broke ass hand me down rifle that they have to buy themselves. And while all of this is going on the oil machine keeps turning and tankers haul crude out of refineries around Erbil and the highways stay congested around the clock with oil tankers. I know Barzani has the money. And the pentagon should supplement. Thank you for the blog. I look forward to more.

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